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It is all about money at Swedish. Patient care is a distant concern. Their model of building and building to get referrals to their over-priced specialists and procedures has backfired. The Seattle Times expose of their neurosurgery institute being proof positive.

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It is not just about getting referrals from the wealthy and well insured to keep the assembly-line surgeries going full steam. The Neuro Institute blocks care for the less profitable and unprofitable. To do this they have to falsify records by omitting patient symptoms, and ignore the results of medical imaging.

They place impossible hurdles for patients to overcome. One example is the bogus referral. One method of bogus referral is to write a referral for a diagnostic test in a manner that will guarantee the insurance company will reject coverage while concurrently not allowing a return visit by patient until the test, like MRI, has been completed. Result: all spinal care blocked with the ability of Swedish to shrug, deny access to doctor who pulled the stunt and blame the insurance company.

If a patient tries to get Swedish to reword the referral they will eventually just stonewall, refuse to take or respond to calls while claiming in records that they did.

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