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Inside source tells me "YUGE" layoffs coming for former DN people. Timing is expected to be mid to late October. Auto and MC managers are being told to prepare a (short) list of who they think should be saved.

They're still shopping the division, but they waited too long and all that's left is legacy products, so no takers at any price. Clemmer never wanted DN, and now we see the results of that. He put all of his eggs in the QCOM basket, and Trump's trade sanctions smashed them.

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And Micro bet the farm on a non mainstream process that has high chances to fail auto qual... The investors seem to get the risk and are leaving like rats, 60$ per share is closer than ever.

Sr. Management has no clue on what to do and neither does the board apparently. Hope someone figures it out before the (few left) working employees leave the ship too.

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If a company or part of a company is developing legacy stuff only or is solely iterating on existing things without product architecture change or integrating the existing ones in the last months, then the doom day is imminent. Update your resume mate

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Auto will suffer too. Quite the same situation as DN. No new products and all that it sells are legacy.

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