Thread regarding McDermott International Inc. layoffs

Is the injunction against COO real?

Is the news in the link below reliable? Could not find any other corroborating source.

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Andy need to hire more people from India. You can start with the COO. :)

How's that working for you?

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MMGA mean...?

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Well according to the Harris county clerks office. Mcdermotts motion to dismiss was denied and the case is still active and pending. But that's as of this morning.

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COO is baaaack!

injunction is gone. Technip will pay damages for defamation.

Lots of new jobs in the pipeline.

But most will be executed overseas.

Happy days are here again unless you are a US employee...


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Sshh. Don't telll the judge.

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Something doesn't add up. The alledged crooked COO supposedly is not allowed to work, yet 2 coporate emails were issued today 10/1 under his name.

Is he in or isnt he???

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ONGC has rejected Technip’s complaint against McDermott

Happy days are here again....

Stock is going to go up!

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FCPA for what? He's only been here a few months. FCPA violations are tricky and damning. They could make it nearly impossible to sell off the unwanted business lines crushing the company under its debt. The British rules are even worse. Can anyone confirm?

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It’s real.

This came out after the article in the Houston chronicle.

Feds are investigating. In regards to FCPA violations.

MCd is in deep trouble. Story to troops all is well this will blow over. Reality lawyers are huddling up.

Will be interesting to see who takes the fall.

The I’m a Dutch citizen won’t stand up for the Feds. He’s an employee of a US company. US rules apply

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Looks like not real. See chronicle aug 16. Would have reported if there was a change.

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Who cares

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