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The golden parachute parade / "efficiencies".

Another new CEO, to read us his bullet points about finding efficiencies and why we can't afford to replace your dying laptop. Somehow, SG always finds a few million between the sofa cushions to pay another in a long line of golden parachutes for yet another departing CEO after a year or two of service. Here's an idea for an efficiency: Maybe stop buying up companies and maybe your profitable core business could someday catch up to your absurd expenditures?

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Just have to wonder how many good people from the companies they meddled with and purchased are/have suffering from their greed. What they did was so unethical and something each and every person at the top should be held accountable for.

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Or mate, how about not getting sued and losing an anti-trust action (Shufflemaster) to the tune of ($315 million U.S.)? Along with buying up other companies- when their debt is STILL over 8 billion??!! Check where the debt was 2 years ago. That's right- look at it. Anything change?

With the U.S. Fed raising interest rates, and more coming, that fact alone will squeeze every last drop of actual cash flow from profits to simply service- wait for it, more debt.

This willful negligence to their corporate debt will apply a bench vice amount of pressure to their bloated swine skulls making them squeal in terror, shouting Marxist slogans of panic!!

Efficiencies! Realignment! Synergy! All must sacrifice!! (Except us) All Animals are equal, some are more equal than others!! Good is bad! Bad is good!

Sad. This is like watching that psychopath in charge of Tesla runabout puffing on weed, with his cheeks bloody red, screaming "Short sellers under every bush!" "Pedos on every corner!!"

Meanwhile, those hyenas of Aristocrat, Konami, IGT, etc are drooling on the sidelines, creeping ever closer, watching and waiting for the first opportunity to pounce.

And pounce they will. No need to wonder, just fill in the date on your calendar.

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I am so glad I ditched that dump.

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