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Short-sighted management

The biggest issue Novartis has by far is management. We have a bunch of know-it-alls who continuously ignore every suggestion and every concern we might bring their way about their solutions to things that are ALWAYS short-term and seriously lacking. And then when it turns out we were right, somehow it again ends up being our fault that something didn't work as well or as efficiently as expected.

In addition, we are constantly pressured into working faster and faster just to get the testing completed as soon as possible, with their desires nearly always being out of the realm of possibility. We work at max capacity as it is, putting additional pressure on us can only serve the entire process negatively.

This has affected company morale, which is the lowest I've known it since I've been here - and that is quite a few years. We could do so much with competent management. Like this, we are where we are.

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