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House of Cards

Extreme is built on a house of cards that will soon come tumbling down. Sketchy practices designed to inflate revenues will soon expose a fundamentally weak financial picture of stagnant growth and poor sales execution. The recent, sudden departure of the CFO says it all. Very alarming. Will not end well...

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Sad to post a video about ' why I love extreme networks' Pat yourself on the back and last desparation to keep people fooled. Soon will be more layoffs and more outsourcing. Wait until they miss numbers again even when numbers were revised. Problem is upper mgmt like the cto and vp of engineering. Get out while you can and don't wait to be kicked out to grab your severance. If severance will be given

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"One can only hope it starts with that worthless clown running the sales organization" Cant agree more. Company does not listen to it employees. All upper management needs to go. 3 quarterly misses on numbers. Last quarter ended September - Would not be surprised with large layoffs again.

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