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They Noticed

The fair haired boy of GE, Aviation has been under the radar while the other sectors of the company have been taking the hit for the company's down fall. Guess they are keeping tabs on us too.

The lack of leadership in the supply chain is going to jeopardize the present and future contracts that seem to be bolstering the entire company. They rush to infuse new manufacturing practices into products without proper due diligence in the all important quarter by quarter quest for profit. The same gas turbine issues may soon rear it's head in the LEAP products. Boeing is suffering production issues due to the lack of parts, how long before they start to impose per day penalties for the management's incompetence. That should drive the stock down to single digits. Power Systems is already facing such penalties on steam turbine parts.

It will be a short time before Aviation's dirty laundry will be aired and provide the last straw that will crush the Meatball.

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Congrats! Your stock in now single digit!!! Take'er down boys! All the way to zero!

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