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Survival of the Fittest - TechnipFMC edition

For those still sipping on the TechnipFMC Kool-Aid and waiting for the inevitable to happen. Please make sure you do the following before your day comes. Don’t live in denial.

Update your Resume, your LinkedIn, and apply for jobs, now. Why wait until you have been tapped, walk into HR and act shocked that this has happened to you? Be proactive. The management here doesn't care about your well-being so why do you have to be loyal to a company that only see you as a number? If they can't take the leadership and take less money to make this company work, than they themselves are the ones to blame, not you.

But wait, isn't the job market in Houston great? Well, not really if you are in upstream O&G. Hell, if you are an old rag, been content and complacent with working here the last 8-15 years and haven't gotten much experience elsewhere, you don't think some young college kid is willing to do more, for less? Yes Houston job market is great, if you are young, college engineer with 1-2 years experience and willing to start at a meager 50-60k. Think about it...TCE reviewer and approver isn’t going to get you any cool cookies at another company, sorry.

Start networking. With those around you, those outside of work. Ask around to see whose hiring, whose firing, and the works. The best part of this is, if you are reading this, you have leverage! What leverage you say? Your salary. Your salary is one of the most important leverage during these layoffs. But it's only good during your employment and the few months following unemployment. It's easier to apply for another job, get an interview, use your existing salary as a baseline for what your next salary is going to be and more. Once you become unemployed, and unemployment runs out in 6 months, severance is gone and you are apply for WIC, you don't have salary leverage anymore. Be surprised on how desperate you’re willing to go in order to make ends meet. I say to hell with, cut the corners and apply to other places that values your knowledge and are willing to pay you for it.

Find your passion and vision. Why are you still here? Is it to make ends meet? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? This rollercoaster has been happening since 2014. It’s about to be 5 years of hell next year. Been too scared to buy a home because you may get laid off? Go right ahead and waste more money on that apartment rent. Hell, you’re even more screwed if you purchased a home and have 20-25 years left on your mortgage once you get laid off. Why wait, either your 25 or 55 years old, find your passion, make money from it, and go live life. Your mental health deserves more than this.

Prepare yourself, financially. How do you go from making 90-100k a year to absolutely pennies on the dollar and still survive? Your make your adjustments now. 300 dollars per month membership to the country club? I think you can live without it. Spending 100 dollars a month at lifetime fitness gym? Im sure 24 hours can whip you in shape. And let me guess, you haven’t even had time to enjoy being at the gym. Taking monthly vacation cause your life is in shambles, work atmosphere s---s, and you getting paid to travel. Well, that all adds, fast. Rule of thumb, learn to live off 12k a year. Seriously. If you can cut all your unnecessary expenses and can get away with living off this amount. Your wallet, your bank, and your credit will thank you. Now those with family, aim to see where you can cut but still enjoy your life. I am not telling you to live off ramen noodles and only take your kids to the public library for their birthday. More so, save on 1 good trip a year, like Disney World. Save for those nice weekend meals, not golden Coral every day. Enjoy your time with your family, cause they know the storm you are battling here at FMC.

Hope the above helps. Remember, you deserve better. But you can’t get there without the ambition to do better. You don’t have to go through a storm, life can get better now.

Yours truly,

Ex-FMC Employee.

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Well said! Besides we should be able to dream and live to get them not just work for others dreams. Time doesn't come back and there isn't a "perfect" time/situation to pursue your dreams. Whatever it is gain clarity of what YOU want.

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Kid to the library for their birthday. I kind of like that.

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Draw a breath and tell me something I don't know.

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