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Allscripts #1 Product RUST. It never sleeps. Keep on taking when it's up and when it's down.

Australia’s Royal Adelaide Hospital will spend $7.8 million to extend its paper records storage and delivery service, with the failure of its Allscripts implementation forcing it to store records offsite since the hospital’s floors weren’t designed to handle that much weight

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Completely agree. Their implementation is a joke like in Singapore. Ever been is an Allscripts office in AU? Even koala bears are more busy (and knowledgeable) than in an Allscripts office.

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The actions of leadership at Allscripts speak more loudly than their words. To see the stock go ip after they announce a buy back and the leadership then sell stock says a lot. They are looking to squeeze out what they can before selling when there is nothing left to squeeze out

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Folowup on FU post.

Anyone left in Allscripts have the fortitude to ask the entire management staff the following question. Start with your direct dumb--s leaders and just watch them weasel squirm and run away. Please post their responses or actions. This is just the tip o the iceberg for company wide incompetence.

As an associate who cared deeply about their clients HOW does an entire leadership organization allow something like this to happen.? OVER 4 YEARS! This is not the only occurrence it happens in every size client. I know the mini wanna be leadership trolls this site lets hear from you?

The health minister said this week that an independent committee has ruled out continuing the EPAS rollout, so it will either be overhauled or sc-apped. Allscripts was supposed to have gone live four years ago at a cost of $158 million, but costs have swelled to $340 million and the rollout stalled as doctors complained that it was unsafe.

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