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Also, for those needing info on severance

I wish people would post these in new threads. It's easily missed as a reply, and it's important info. Posted by @V0HKmi8-sxlt :

I was laid off from Sprint in April, 2018 and received a severance package (note: if they have changed things since April I wouldn't know about it but I don't believe they have). Anyway, full-time employees below director level receive 9 WEEKS severance regardless of how long you've been there - even if it's only six months, for example. IN ADDITION, you receive 1 WEEK of severance for every full year you were with Sprint. I was with Sprint 19 full years so I received 28 weeks of severance (9 weeks + 19 weeks = 28 weeks).

The significant reduction is likely a reference to when Sprint reduced severance from 2 weeks for every full year you worked to 1 week for every full year you worked. I believe this happened in 2015 but not 100% certain when it happened.

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"9 weeks + 19 weeks = 28 weeks"...... Why did you not take the layoff 2 years earlier?????? If you had, you would have received 8 weeks + 19 weeks x 2 = 46 weeks!!! I hate to say it but you did not get a good deal! Sprint did a number on you.

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I was with the last group of employees who received 2 weeks severance for every year worked. They reduced it to 1 week severance for every year after February 2016.

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