Thread regarding University of Phoenix layoffs

When will the teachouts be complete?

When will the teachouts be complete at the following schools?

Tucson Arizona,

Oakland, San Bernadino, San Marcos, Costa Mesa, and Woodland Hills California,

Colorado Springs and Lone Tree Colorado ,

Central, North, South and West Florida,

Atlanta, Augusta and Columbus Georgia,

Honolulu Hawaii,

Chicago Illinois,

Albuquerque and Santa Teresa New Mexico,

Charlotte and Charlotte North North Carolina,

Detroit Michigan,

Jersey City New Jersey,

Philadelphia Pennsylvania,

Guaynabo Puerto Rico,

Columbia South Carolina,

Memphis and Nashville Tennessee,

El Paso and Spring Texas,

Virginia Beach Virginia,

Tukwila Washington.

And what is happening to the students? Are they all be pushed online? Are they complaining?

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@Do not enroll here, don't you think it's a bait and switch when UoPX shows so many locations? Shouldn't they be taken off the website?

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There is only one campus that is not closing on the East Coast. We are still advertising we have campuses in many locations. However I do inform students that the location they want is not accepting new enrollments if it is on the list. Not everyone is doing that when they are going through the script. Systems do not work and the higher up do not care. The goal is 65k enrollments and if you do not pull their numbers you will be coached out. Managers do not care either. They know that we are not growing and never will with leadership that s---s.

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@Here it is, thank you for the information and for speaking the truth.

I know it's not easy when you have a culture of silence: a culture that punishes truth tellers and rewards those who can keep a horrible secret. Sadly, if they had listened to the truthtellers, and there were many, they wouldn't be in this position.

In a way, it's a bait and switch when consumers look for a local location on the campus location finder and read that the closest campus is not taking any students. Right now, there are almost no campuses on the east coast taking new students.

Sounds like it won't be more than 6-12 months for the next series of layoffs. The word will eventually get out.

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They are not publicizing the information because it will make students question their decision and obviously if a school is closing 36 locations it will scare away future students. CAMDEN KID call the main switchboard so you can understand what happens when a student or potential student questions the status of the campuses. Also, if you are truly so interested walk into a campus and inquire. I am certain no matter where you are there is a campus near you that is most likely closing. Its not illegal to walk in and ask. We are being told that as soon as the last few students fininsh degree or decide to finish online our location will be closed. That tells me that we will have more layoffs and terminations since there will be no need for staff from 36 locations to work from home. We were told in Sept 2017 when closures were announced that "management would transition staff to work from home." However, there is no need for so many people and UOPX is the slowest non-tech savvy company and suffers in ability to make a swift telecommute transfer. In other words it ain't happening. They have once again lied to their staff. I work from Phoenix and will not experience a teachout but I can tell you that we hear that each location is approximately going to be completely shutdown 18 months from the announcement in 2017 so it will be soon.

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Can anyone even call one of these campuses to find out what's going on? Or all of their calls being redirected to Phoenix where people say "we don't know."?

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@VysCJNi-ehl, it's a culture of silence. Why so secretive? The gig is up. It's better to be transparent.

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That is proprietary and confidential information. Troll.

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