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Eliminating Document Division?

PRA is changing all the time. They are struggling to set the new standard in the CRO industry. So, expect a ton of changes in work loads. This will affect everyone’s performance, it’s just too much. Now, some people like stable and routine work, so if this is you do not come work for PRA.

Also, you will not have enough support at PRA, you will have to work things on your own – there will be no support to help you.

Finally, there isn't any standardization in policy or process. Somehow, each person is responsible for their own work, but no one seems to be looking over and checking how well the work is being performed. Now, PRA has the mid-year / end of the year reviews – those are a joke. Why? Cause if you kick it out of park and if you do a mediocre job you get the same merit increase? Why is this, I ask? Because they do not want to spend money on top talent.

Don’t get me started on PRA promotions – you need to kiss butt quite a bit, and be the teachers or managers pet – all the time. If so, you’ll be fine, they will put you on the management path. When you interview, they tell you there is some growth opportunity but in reality, it’s not gonna happen.

I had high hopes but after the recent round of PRA layoffs (what happened to that promise that we’ll be stable and that there are no layoffs at PRA), non stop reorgs and changes, managers abusing positions and screaming and belittling employees kind of left me without options – I cannot trust PRA any more and I will be leaving in 2019 if they do not lay me off before this actually happens.

My advice is that they lay off all executive and some managers – and if they purge and have a catharsis then PRA has a chance, otherwise, it’s just not going to happen. They can start fixing things by paying people properly and stop preaching that our non-PRA work experience has zero value – this is not true, period.

Attention: Managers! Look at the Document Division and you will see that you have a sea of disgruntled and angry employees over there. We know about rumors that the entire Document Division may be eliminated in December 2018 – we are afraid and concerned for our jobs. If you are lying to us about this, please stop and let us know what the plan is so we can put rumors to rest. We deserve better.

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