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Do not count on BP acting compliant

Read recent posts on BP layoffs. HR and Management will drum all kind of false information to not give employees a severance package. You will pay the consequences of not signing the severance package under BP now explicit terms; terms that BP kept silent while you were employed.

Talking about transparency, BP is not known for that. Do not count on BP acting compliant. The way BP treats soon to be ex-employees, similar to many firms, will convey BP's true values & behaviors. Remember "integrity" never made it to the list.

This is Originally a post that i took from another threat ( @VSzshYf-buze ). This is some good advice. We should all get familiar with our rights, as we can’t count on the company to be fair in this situation.

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Maybe these disclosures are made to people who are important to the company and don’t whine from morning till night over this, that and everything else

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I have read other companies websites and explicitly disclosed stock options payment penalties should employment end by the firm's decision. That level of transparency is not seen on BP's documents at all. It seems BP chooses to not disclosed and plays a cat/mouse game.

Glad we have readers that care and capable of informing others of the situation in a way their own employer BP opts out. #badcompany

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So it seems like you refused to sign and they pushed you out the door without a severance. Every company in this business has a disclaimer in one form or another and the reasons are obvious so don’t be too cute, Just sign and take the money. Look around and you’ll see companies trying to avoid paying out.

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