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The companies fail because they don’t invest and train their employees

Companies do not invest and train their employees anymore. They are widgets. That is why they continue to fail. It is all about the executives, their bonuses and reports. Not engineering, not a quality job, just bonuses.

Used to be in sales, did not worry about the money. Was focused on relationships, people and selling what was right. Made so much money did not know what to do with it all. However, that was not my focus. The company trained their people, did right by the employees and customers. A very successful company until corporate America took over.

@W0gfgRM-2jlm got it right. No investing in manpower. We are all treated as a commodity. Sad but true.

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Need more micromanagement and greedy executives, right? Can't fix stupid.

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We heard you the first time. Companies that employ losers fail.

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