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The 4th Industrial Revolution will NOT Include Big Oil

I found an interesting article speaking to the dramatic changes coming on out everyday lives with artificial intelligence. If these predictions are correct then big oil is going to be little oil in 20 years. Demand will decrease substantially and most assuradly the U.S. will have enough supply to be self sustaining and 100% off imports. That would also change the balance of wealth as the oil princes od the middle east watch the world leave oil behind and them looking for replacement is a desert that has little else to bring the kind of cash flow they enjoy now. So again, if your early in your career {say mid 40's or under} and you want to retire with the same company your with now, then get the hell out of working for an oil company. For many reasons its going to get ugly and bloody sooner or later, whether this is right or not. Save yourself.

Here is a snip-it of the article as it relates to oil:

A gasoline engine has 20,000 individual parts. An electrical motor has 20. Electric cars are sold with lifetime guarantees and are only repaired by dealers. It takes only 10 minutes to remove and replace an electric motor. Faulty electric motors are not repaired in the dealership but are sent to a regional repair shop that repairs them with robots. Your electric motor malfunction light goes on, so you drive up to what looks like a Jiffy-auto wash, and your car is towed through while you have a cup of coffee and out comes your car with a new electric motor!

Gas stations will go away. Parking meters will be replaced by meters that dispense electricity. Companies will install electrical recharging stations; in fact, they've already started. You can find them at select Dunkin Donuts locations.

Most (the smart) major auto manufacturers have already designated money to start building new plants that only build electric cars.

"Autonomous cars: In 2018 the first self-driving cars are already here. In the next 2 years, the entire industry will start to be disrupted. You won't want to own a car anymore as you will call a car with your phone, it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will not need to park it you will only pay for the driven distance and you can be productive while driving. The very young children of today will never get a driver's license and will never own a car.

This will change our cities, because we will need 90-95% fewer cars. We can transform former parking spaces into parks.

1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide including distracted or drunk driving. We now have one accident every 60,000 miles; with autonomous driving that will drop to 1 accident in 6 million miles. That will save a million lives plus worldwide each year.

Most traditional car companies will doubtless become bankrupt. Traditional car companies will try the evolutionary approach and just build a better car, while tech companies (Tesla, Apple, Google) will do the revolutionary approach and build a computer on wheels.

Look at what Volvo is doing right now; no more internal combustions engines in their vehicles starting this year with the 2019 models, using all electric or hybrid only, with the intent of phasing out hybrid models.

Many engineers from Volkswagen and Audi; are completely terrified of Tesla and so they should be. Look at all the companies offering all electric vehicles. That was unheard of, only a few years ago."

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I gave this post to my wife and told her I could replace her with a blow up doll that tended to my every need. She told me I had already been replaced, by what she thought was a blow up exec from the Hague

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Interesting. Sounds like a great future.

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