Thread regarding GlobalFoundries layoffs

Getting rid of talent and problem solvers

As one of the posters said, there is no blood left to bleed at GF. What we have here are preparatory steps to liquidate the business. They already got rid of their top engineering talent and problem solvers due higher pay, next will be sell off of assets. If you look at TC's history, the man never built any organization up, but has a slew of unsuccessfully trying to revive dying companies.

This is a post from another thread ( @VV1XoU5-cawz ). Hope that the OP is wrong, but I get the same feeling.

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At least TC's past "successes" are being exposed now. GF has done a good job trying to hide them but the internet is a beautiful thing, just have to have the patience to follow the bread crumbs. Look at TCs past work at Soraa, Ausra, Khosla Ventures. There's a lot more underlying but I'd rather not be the one to post it here...

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