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Layoffs Coming Soon

I work at the Danville plant and it's not looking good. Corporate has tan this plant in the ground. They've raped and pillaged for so many years without reinvestments. Some of the parts needed to fix equipment has to be ordered on eBay, really! It took four deaths for them to really start fixing things. Now we are behind the competition and they still expect us to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Management has no clue what's going on. They bring in the pencil pushers that don't know the process. There are plenty of union employees who would like a job in management but don't like how they are treated. Who wants to be cursed out if your numbers are low? I really care about my job, but there isn't enough checks and balances to make sure people do what they're supposed to, and that includes management. Now I'm hearing up to 500 may be on the streets. It's not the workers fault for bad production, it's managements fault for years of neglect. Hope it's not to late....

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I was a salary employee until a couple of years ago at Danville and the original post sums it up on the MRT side. The only money coming in was going to radial aero.

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Management is more interested in window dressing by hiring Business Development suits who are absolutely useless in generating business. To balance the books they will now fire hard working workers who really need the jobs and work at it unlike the management fat who live off expense accounts under pretext of travelling for "business development". How much business is being "developed" can be seen from the numbers that are being produced! On top of that factory safety s---s. How many have died so far because of unsafe environment?

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