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Aecom to cease operations in 30 countries

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Well, in Christchurch NZ they sent all the building services engineerings packing their bags in September. I was part of the culling, it was so badly handled and so poorly carried out. Project after project falling over immediately afterwards, I feel sorry for the clients, but aecom sure doesn't.

They have also recently dumped sizeable groups of engineerings out of Perth and elsewhere in Aussie from what I've heard, so this cease in operations thing had been going on for while now I suspect.

I was with URS from all the way back in 2007 and when aecom NZ took over it has been just one disappointment after another. I couldn't be happier to not be working for them anymore, after the aecom merger it was easily the worst job I've ever had in my entire professional career. The management is entirely toxic, however saying that, all the people I worked with on the delivery side of things were great, despite the fact that the turn over rate was insane over the last two years and I can't actually recall any of my friends there saying they loved working there....

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