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I wonder...

I wonder if CD and NR where actually listened to by Culp and Miller vs being screwed over by Fouler and BR who had the ear of no jet John.

I bet they realized it would cost a ton more to outsource this stuff to a company outside GE that had to worry about its own bottom line.

The 6 months of hell you put everyone through wasn’t cool though. But that’s business.

We are going full circle back to having Corporate IT. The businesses can b--ch all they want but it brings economy of scale and uniformity.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but CD actually might turn this around under the right CEO.

And yes we should lay off some of the bloated areas. But it should be done based on cost and risk.

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How do you view the Cybersecurity .org?

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@2qpp agreed, all the products under GE Digital (especially Predix) are now toast with champion grifters Immelt and Ruh gone. they were using GE Digital to try and cash in on tech trends (IoT, edge computing, machine learning) but failed miserably compared to companies that actually knew what they were doing, not just building some sh--ty app store, shipping industrial connectivity software 2 years too late, and pivoting to containers/latest devops craze after hearing about it from their kids.

the main problem is that GE Digital does not truly generate any revenue, it's 95% internal (basically forced) service to BUs, 5% actual "wins". GE needed to follow the Amazon/AWS model of each internal business unit competing with/pushing one another. instead you got f---ed over by cronyism and the good old boys network. GED isn't reported out as an actual BU in the filings. that's when you know you're toast unless immelt actually delivers the growth from $5-20B in revenues he promised in 2015.

now the cuts begin on the failed digital project. get out while you can

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OP - Coretech brings mostly cost bloat and inefficiency to the BU's, in al but a few cases. We aren't going to b^%ch at all. We are going to do things in a way that is best for our operations, despite CT. It;s as simple as that. You need to look around, it is already happening and has been over the past year. Most of CT has no idea how some of our BU's operate and are completely disconnected from what we do and how we do it. You generate 0 revenue besides what you steal from us with overpriced, poorly orchestrated services. When you get cost challenges we get nothing but degraded services and no-skill support. The levers CT can pull to cost out are severely limited and all of them F the folks who actually make money for GE. CT's "one-size fits all" days are over. You would be well served by taking a look at LC's history and the past decisions he has made at other companies. While you are at it, take a look at how Nelson Peltz and Co. have handled other ventures they have been involved in. Your days of dictating anything are done.

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It should have never been combined with Corporate IT. That was a financial game of B-ngstein and Two Jet Jeff.

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I'm with you.

I just hope they take software development seriously this time.

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