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I've been hearing about Kaiser Colorado's mail order closing. What happened to all the staff RPhs at the facility? Are they being reassigned to other positions in the region based on seniority, or were the staff RPhs at mail order just laid off?

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May2019, sooner I think. Feb they will axe tons of pharmacy supervisors. How they can legally run 30 pharmacies I don't know. Supervisoing, time a clunting, discipline might be done by non pharmacist professionals and maybe administrative clerks. The professional staff will not tolerate performance review by someone they don't work directly under. There might be an exeduss from Colorado. As good jobs will no longer be available

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No news for rph’s yet all mail order knows is yes we are closing and southern Cali is taking over. According to higher up they are “confident” everyone will be positioned elsewhere so I’m assuming this is RPh’s as well. This is happening April/May 2019

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