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197 jobs to go by end of Q2 2019 at the Rotating machines in Rugby, England. A 130 year old factory with expertise in naval motors. The company wish to move the work to France, initially, but suspect final plan is to move the work to Eastern Europe , likely Poland. The employees are resisting and have launched a fight back campaign at

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Another example of I Melt failure: Power Conversion (aka ConverTeam). Has this team EVER had a positive quarter? It's been something like 8 years since he bought them. Why do we continue to prop up these losing businesses? Even if they are too effed up to sell, just send everyone home. Would save a sh%$- ton of money. Goodbye VV and all the other PC scam artists.

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The middle class moved to countries willing to work for middle class wages. That isn't America or Western Europe.

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