Thread regarding Westinghouse layoffs

corporate greed ruinimg George Westinghouse legacy

upper management making money via outsourcing/offshoring - only competence W management have

...Our strategic customer relationships include delivering more than two million hours of professional services in structural, mechanical, instrumentation and controls engineering, and in probabilistic risk assessment to Westinghouse since 2010.....

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Actually. I happened to be wearing a Westinghouse shirt at a Walmart some time ago, and this sparked a discussion with a cashier about George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla and such. So, don't say that nobody cares. The stereotypical perception is just wrong. I'm sure it's applicable to some, but not to all. See eg. here:

As for "something is going very right with the world" - well ... I agree. But it wasn't that long ago that we lived in the "land of opportunity" so. Please do suggest what specifically us 'spoiled brats' can do differently to pay the mortgage and buy the diapers without worrying if we'll be walked off our jobs tomorrow like a common criminal.

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