Thread regarding Teradata Corp. layoffs

Analyst Day - take away

Magic Formula

Insider Sales to reduce salesman cost

+less service by 2022

+Vantage only in subscription

+500 mega data customer by 2022

= Lay-off

Any lay-off Forecast ?

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This is only a begin of transformation.

We should be prepared for huge layoff in EMEA and APJ if a buyer is not yet identified.

Sell, spin off or Die. No other way to be on the Mkt in the next 12 months

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The good ole days are done folks. Dooms day is just around the corner. Ride the golden parachute cause they exactly what this transition has been for the EVP. Calling out Ohio as a bunch of Hillbilly’s was a sh--y way to start a transformation of a dying breed and it going to end with cutting a deal of greed.

Good luck to all who get out of there before the sh-- storm ends

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Every man for themselves......

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TD hope that SAP buy them instead to pursuing the legal action.

All depends on the damage calculation and timing....

In the next 12 months all be done

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TD will focus on building the best buggy-whips in the business ... and management will be happy.

After so many management missteps, any buyer (would there really be any?) would be buying the accounts.

Sad commentary on bad management/do-nothing Board running a company into the ground - good fodder for a HBR case-study.

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I agree and revenue will drop because services will not compensate by new accounts. TD lack of cloud strategy to attract new customers

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I see an buyout happening by 2022 or consulting breaking off and TD just focusing on the product side with subscriptions

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