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There is another way

I have to say, that one of the things that struck me about my new gig after I left Viacom was how hands on and knowledgeable all levels of my new org are. There are very few SVPS/EVPS and not an absurd amount of VPs but even at those levels people really know what's going on in the trenches. There's a better way and Viacom would REALLY benefit from cleaning out at the top. Hell, they could use a quiz to find out how much folks at that level really know about what is going on in their department. I want Viacom to survive because once upon a time, I loved that place and it was the best job I had ever had. I hope it can get there again.

I have to say that I agree entirely with @WAMYXUX-5div . The cleaning should start at the top.

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