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Run! Poor management and unrealistic expectation.

This is a very stressful company to work for. Do not jeopardize your health in order to work for them. They overload their employees because they fail to replace employees who have left. Their position/workload is then divided amongst those that remain in the department. They then expect you to deliver results in the same timeframe and then take overtime from you. In 2017, this occurred. We were able to work overtime the first half of the year and then it was taken away even though they added more work. The customers then suffered because of it. In order to barely keep my head above water, I worked from 8 am to often 11 pm and sometimes 1 am without getting paid overtime. They also play favorites amongst their employees. Some are able to have laptops and work from home, while others with the same job title are not. If supervisors don’t like you, they will find things to pick you apart. My health suffered greatly due to the stress that was placed upon me. Communication within the company is non existent. Don’t expect positive feedback. They don’t care about their customers either. This is not a company you want to be employed by.

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