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Is Target India Became Famous for forced Resignations?

Till now we have seen many rounds of mass layoffs in Target India.

And now they started forcing people to resign virulently? whats happening in Target India?

we heard that they hired few people and terminated them with in 6 months. Is that true?

Some one please reply. need the info ASAP.

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There's an annual goal that every Manager gets from the Leadership to find out on bottom performer from his/her team. The Manager starts working on his goal by identifying one scapegoat and not support him with any tasks and information so by the end of the year that person has nothing to show as his wins and gets rated very low followed by loss of variable pay and will be chucked out in next 3-4 months.

This is a dirty game being started by the Leadership and the HR and implemented by the respective Managers to save Target's market image, avoid layoff and save money.

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Can't understand why you need this information immediately, but yes, Target India is infamous for making high level hires for temporary needs to look good, and then forcing them out. There are people in hr who are tasked with bothering such leaders who fall out of favour with their bosses here. They have done this to several leaders in my team. The issues were not performance or anything concrete, that became clear after people came and mysteriously left within 4-5 months of doing good work at least on the ground. We concluded that the leadership in India that interfaces with Minneapolis likes to play this silly politics.

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