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What happened to NM Home Office?

Years ago it was a highly desired place to work. Not anymore. I was a manager at NM many years ago. When a performance issue on my team needed resolution (i.e. firing) I had to jump through hoops. At that time all employee firings needed the company president to approve. We couldn’t let go of employees that ‘earned’ to be let go.

Fast forward to now. The sales area does a reorg at the end of this year, more layoffs, 120 jobs are eliminated. Or are the jobs really eliminated? The sales area immediately posts 100 open jobs that employees need to reapply for. All under the guise of jobs being redefined. Its a pretty clever way of making it really easy to let go of employees, both the good and not so good.

So what is my point... NM needed to do something to deal with job inflation and poor performance, I’ll give them that. However, the approach being used is an embarrassment and it’s heartless.

Speaking of heartless, does anyone left in senior leadership have any heart? I don’t think so.

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In the end the knucklehead executives tried to boil everyone down to a line on a spreadsheet, and if you could retire early (with the bridge) you were out. Doing it that way totally screws the business because you end up getting rid of people who have the most knowledge of the business and systems. Executives cut too deep into the organization and are now paying the price for the brain drain.

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You must be thinking of the America with a tight labor market where people couldn't be found even if you wanted them. It isn't 1997 anymore.

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