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You work, you get paid, end of story

Loyalty? To what?

Seriously, that frame of mind is absurd. You work, you get paid, end of story. It's really that simple.

When work ends- you don't get paid. When the job ends, you find another job. That's reality.

That is the attitude from above, and it should be your's too. Honestly, that is life in any factory, and make no mistake about it, you work in a factory. So remove those pictures of your dog, your family, ANYTHING that makes you human at work. You are nothing short of a walking corpse, get used to it.

AGAIN- ANY emotional investment in anyone above you or around you is utter nonsense. Those company arse lickers in HR are nothing short of propaganda ministers in charge of creating a smoke screen for incompetence at the top. Their sole aim is to provide cover for any legal threat, real or imagined.

Therefore, NEVER trust them, they are not there for you; no matter the warm and fuzzy programs they create, those are designed to make you drop your guard. Never complain to them, everything is 'GREAT!!!'

Lastly, stock holders do not buy IGT stock because of 'loyalty'. Neither do the board members.

Think this is all cynical? Prove me wrong. You can't. Because the bottom line is this: invest in what you love (which means time and treasure), discard what you don't. You don't have forever, why waste your precious life on these salt rockets?

The OP ( @TYCVWD6-2Kfzo ) uses language that’s a little too strong for my taste, but otherwise, he nailed it.

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Yeah, sounds like RI. HR is really nothing short of shills for the legal department. Sadly, they are usually low talented (unskilled) individuals that couldn't handle menial tasks such as pushing a broom around the assembly line, much less working on one. Most of teh ones I have seen have deep issues themselves, which always made me wonder if they avoided a mirror or feedback from objective sources.

Nevertheless, try not to ever deal with them, you will always regret it unless it's something simple- like 'can I get a particular form?', etc. Their stock in trade is deception through corporate smokescreens; in other words, to run interference for the cadre' of whiz kids in legal. The moment you have a true ' HR problem' with a management hack, you watch how they circle the wagons and fashion their responses to cover the company- NOT to solve the actual issue of the turd you are dealing with.

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In my region in RI, HR manipulates employees and lies more then managers. God bless igt. The shot tiolet.

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And you think your subordinates don't recognize what you're up to? If you think they don't, then there's a reason why you're where you are. You're more dense than the lowest on the worker rung.

Understand something something: as a manager, you're no one's friend. Not below you or above you. You are 100% alone, even in that meeting room of 1,000. The only ones that like you are using you as a human toilet. The others simply tolerate your bullsh*t.

You're better off to simply do as you're told, just like those below you, and adopt the same set of rules outlined above. You're not special. The guy driving the Maserati to work to the office factory isn't special. He's worse off than you. Why? He really does think he's something special.

Well, that is until they cull him/her too.

Lastly, the reason why they don't complain to you is because what good would come of it? Complaining to management is just like griping to HR- doing so will only get you a negative result.

Reality: Middle AND upper management isn't interested in how to make things better for anyone but themselves; they don't give a hoot (see the above rules). They only care about getting paid, and forgetting that wretched place for a few days while they get stone faced and maybe golf.

Then Monday, it's back to port-a-potty factory structure wherein they struggle to dodge their upper strata management id--ts in the hallway.

All of you from the line worker to the lofty nose bleed office workers are simply caught in the same trap: the only difference between any of you is who gets to sling c-ap on you today.

Prove me wrong.

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As a manager i was told to be employees friends and try to hangout with them after work. This way they tell you more stuff and they dont complain and easier to get them to do stuff. It works, esp dave And busters events

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