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New Vacation Time?

Can someone tell me what cuts were made to the vacation time vs what it was five years ago? Do you have to use it or lose it now? Did Micron reduce the amount you could earn monthly?

Are there really requirements for every supervisor to rate someone a 2 once a year?

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Micron will turn into Sandisk. The CEO, who doesn't even want to live here will leave with a boat load of money and the process will start all over again. New CEO ,new cronies, more layoffs, more 'NEW DIRECTION", etc. Find something else and move on. Whoever or whatever this company is now I don't know, but it's not Micron

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Runnnn !!!!!

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yes someone in your group will be either rated a 1 or a 2. So play the game and stab your coworker in the back. Also you will need to jump through the hoops and kiss every ones butt.

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Ever since this new CEO took place, Micron has change tremendous.

Life is turning upside down.

Former Sandisk staff came in and replace important role which the Micron old Guards were force to leave Micron.

Memory commodity price was at all time high when he step in as a CEO. And has earn many billions for the last many quarters.

Yet layoff happened on this October even good earning report was announced.

Now price the DRAM and NAND price is going south, what are the next action he's planning to do?

Job security in Micron is Low.

Search for a new job if you can.

Micron is not a place where people can work till your retirement.

The environment is a throat cutting working place.

Good luck and bless to those who still and continue working in Micron.

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