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laid off emp;oyee - severanced out and told to leave in 10 min after working for 20 years- Ho1HO! HO!

you guys still bellyaching over working for this grinch family and upper management team in this full employment economy. Keep on complaining . It will do you a lot of good, its too late for me since I am over 60 and came down with cancer after getting the cheap severance boot from the Follett Family- no fulltime job with benefits for me- on defunct Obamacare till I can get over the medicare line in a couple of years- doing odd part time jobs between treatments. You guys stop waisting your time reporting out how had badly the Follett Family is running things - find an new job. And to the dear Follett Family members-HO!HO! HO! to you to- your doing a fantastic job squeezing the life out of this company through the terrible management team you picked- Happy New Year -Signed, a fellow grinch who is a lot poorer than you.

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God Bless You.

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