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Company is facing extreme resource crisis

Laterals stay away from this company. Don't get attracted to the massive hikes promised to you. Tech Mahindras biggest clients like ATT and BT has lost confidence in techm a long time ago. Many of the projects are hanging by a thread. Upper management is doing it's best to manipulate stock and media. For the past two years company has been in cost cutting mode. Silent layoffs are going left and right. Stay away

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yes. It really has adopted very bad policies.

At one place they are laying off people In the name of cost cutting , at the other end the CEO CP Gurnani took home Rs 146.19 crore in FY18

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The company it self is a cruel joke.

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leave it BT wants everything free,, BT managers who look inti outsourcing are now mostly Indians immigrants who moved to UK, they make mone in the form bonus by thrusting vague requirement an browbeating outsorcing partner. Making fake complaints against project manager who dont give freebies is thier favourite modus operandi.

AT&T is another freebie seeker..... slightly different modus operandi... techm will be better without these clients

Bt went around shopping with tier 2 outsourcing partners and burnt thier hans, now no employee wants to work for BT, all those left are poor performers o the past decade who have no where to go...

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