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Compulsory Office Attendance?

Latest info - some in certain locations are now required to be in the office whereas under Cisco they were remote workers. If not in the office, requirement is take day as PTO, not work from home. Result - formerly remote workers who needed to tend to a sick child could do so at home, while still being productive. Under new policy, office workers with sick children are now bringing their sick children to work. Brilliant. NDS 2.0 progress.

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I'm not referring to sick kids related WFH, as this should be treated as an exception. But overall, WFH should be allowed and encouraged. Trust employees to know themselves enough whether or not they can manage the self-imposed routine of working from home... then track the performance to make sure they are doing great.

If a manager can't trust an employee for that, how can they put anyone in charge of multi-million projects ... this isn't daycare folks.

For people against it, stop projecting your lack of self-discipline on others.

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WFH - one of the reasons Cisco was so rubbish for NDS - it promoted a culture of slacking off. WFH should be the exception, never the rule. If you have a sick kid take some PTO. If you bring a sick kid to your office you should be disciplined.

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nonsense, most US offices are simply empty because everybody "works" from home.

I doubt that it's because everybody have a sick child.

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