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The self-serving nature of the people

Worked there 5 and 1/3 years. Left a year ago and am not aurprised by all the changes. Uses to witness gross neglect of wafer contamination. No one would ever own just how dirty the processes were in Fab 8.

We would see contamination incoming on wafers. Then our findings would get scrutinized and analyzed. Mean while we would wipe down the stage and robots with the vendors. The whole time watching the vendors get ready for their meetings with our management.

Then the talking heads would run more wafers and say...oh look it wasnt an issue. Business would start up again and no one from the ground level was ever asked what actually happened. It would simply start over again as if nothing had happened.

When I recognized the self serving nature of the people there. It was simple to walk in and tell my boss I was leaving. Despite the immediate pay raise and promotion offer, I gladly walked out.

To me semiconductor folks are nothing short of carnival workers. They come to town, set up sketchy rides, and dig out when the place no longer sustains their lifestyle.

Well said @WXhcFw6-2aif . I experienced the same ill practices.

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Globalfoundries = Globaljoke

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...and the problem was indeed fixed after you left. We finally identified the guy in the fab who was drooling all over the equipment. HR instituted a strict no drooling policy on new hires and yield has never been beter.

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