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Dead end job

No amount of positives can change the fact that this is a dead end job in a nutshell. If you work at McDermott one of the two things will happen to you. You will be laid off or end up stuck in the same position forever. That's it.

There is pretty much zero opportunity for any advancement here. The only chance to get promoted is if somebody leaves the company or retires. And even then, nepotism plays its role and the rare opportunity slips away.

And layoffs speak for themselves. There is no job security here, layoffs are always a possibility.

Which brings us back to what I said before: dead end job.

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Ya, chill Remember, sticks and stones, my man. And lots of them from this company. Just take it. Its only been 6 months. The thing they mailed you that says they can't take away your CBI benefits is running out. So its about to get a lot worst. Just take it. Remember your flex days they took away because you got to be here? Even if all your work done? Well guess you really ain't all that needed. But now you can pay for it in cash. And you still got to get the same work done. Your right, it is like being on an airline. They overbook and them bump you and then give you a teeny check. No office supplies, they make you pay for things that don't cost the money like flex days. But least nobody been d--g off the plane and beat up. Not yet, not yet. But if it does, don't complain. Don't be angry, and mostly don't write in all caps. just take it.

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Dude, ease up, so much hostility in your all caps rant. Or are you just practicing for your next job interview? That attitude won't go over well at the drive through window.

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Last response, your ad hominem attack does not make the post untrue. Even though almost any job would be better than working for a company that WANTS YOU TO PAY FOR YOUR OWN F---ING VACATION LIKE THEY ARE AN AIRLINE PIMPING EXTRA F---ING LEG ROOM, selectiivity is not a bad thing. Almost everyone I know wants out and most CBI legacy employees have a lot of good options. But get out before McDermott soils your resume. So please f--- off

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If you're a current corporate drone, why do you stick around in a "dead end job"? Is your resume' too pathetic to allow you to be hired elsewhere? Being a wh--e for your paycheck? Think you look nice in Levi's every Friday, Mr Wide Load?

If you're not a current corporate drone, WTF do you care and why are you posting here?

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