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Talk about hostile work environment

Off all the companies I worked for during my nearly three decades long career, never have I seen anything remotely as bad as at CDK.

I started working here four years ago expecting a positive work environment, but I guess I didn't do my homework properly.

Stress here is nearly unbearable. It is handed down from leadership to management, who then gladly "redistribute" it to all of their team members. Don't even get me started on micromanagement.

To say that I've been looking for a way out would be an understatement. Which, when you think about it, might be their goal. Get rid of as many people as they can without having to pay severance.

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They are trying to get people to quit to avoid severance. Ask a VP what the expected monthly attrition is set at within the budget. No more proof needed than that.

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Yes, forcing people out through inhumane conditions in this sad work environment is probably what management is trying to do.

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