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Employee Survey

Do u think employee survey will influence performance reviews or keeping job?

It could go either way, if you put down that you think you are underpaid and they really want you, maybe u get a raise. Other hand, maybe they think you are trouble and push u out.

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The results that they publish will be highly filtered.

It will be something like employees say were doing great here and here and here and here and here.

And, oh by the way, some employees think there is a teensy little problem with X*.

But we're so pleased with the results and the participation rate!

Give me an "M"! Give me and "E"!

*X = morale, leadership, silos, ...

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Well of course! It is middle management that gets the task of making up the survey.

You don't think upper management makes up survey questions, do you?

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New survey company, ridiculously generic survey........ no questions geared toward middle management who are an ENORMOUS part of the problem. End of the day, nobody is going to do anything about anything!

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Yeah, maybe mgmt will address issued raised by employees by removing such employees.

Don't forget, they know exactly who filled out each survey.

They may say that only grouped results will be published. How do you know?

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And most executive initiatives come out at the end of the year in time for bonus season.

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Not sure how long you have been an employee, but take my word for the fact that the employee survey does reviews it, pretends to want to make changes and a few days later they are back to doing nothing!

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