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Working at Prudential (My improvement suggestions)

Here is my general list of things at Prudential that bother me or that I would change if I had any power. I joined Annuities IT group about five years ago… Here it goes:

  • Outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing – is this ever going to stop

  • A ton of red tape, things are moving slowly – TOP HEAVY

  • Disconnected, often disengaged employees from the overall mission & goals

  • Siloed to the max, every department is a fiefdom. Based on this, your choice is obvious: keep quiet, keep you head down, and hope you're not the next one laid off.

  • Pay can and should be better – I think it’s below average (in general) - The comp plan is changing often

  • Complacency rules - especially in operations.

  • Too much emphasis on sales – too much pressure (be careful here, see what happened to Wells Fargo)

  • The tech is outdated, the programs and support systems are old and clunky

  • Hard to move within the company – good luck getting transferred anywhere

  • Respect the individual, I know we need to do the work but say thank you (at least once)

  • Improve diversity

  • Look around – you’ll notice cronyism and nepotism – this needs to stop…

  • Do something to improve our morale – ask people to speak up frankly and openly

  • Stop micromanaging, does not help anyone

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