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Lack of knowledge and experience put projects to a halt

Has anyone else noticed how work is now done in a much slower and unorganized manner than before? I mean, literally some projects take twice as long to finish then they use to take a couple of years ago. We all know the company is not in a good place right now, and the leadership is quick to blame the conditions on the oil market, but the truth is that this problem is of the company’s own making. How can they expect good work results when they dropped their criteria for hiring to the point where anyone with a college diploma can get hired, no matter what their actual skills are, assuming that they are willing to work for lousy money up to 60h per week. That, of course, attracts workers that have nowhere else to go, and the saddest thing is that the company doesn't have a problem with replacing experienced knowledgeable workers with these types of newcomers. The work ethics has become a joke and we are slow and unorganized. Just wondering how much longer can they keep this up.

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It's simple business. You get what you pay for.

Their goal was to replace experience with cheaper labor which was short sighted. Top management were probably thinking along the lines of Supermarkets. Get in cheaper food and hire cheap labor

  • which works well for the consumer market, but not for a "Technology Advanced" organisation.

It's not the new grads fault, after all they are learning the experience. It's managements vision, planning, and execution which is to blame.

From my understanding, they want to all Geos to be technical minded. However, for a team to succeeded, there must be a mixture of people with different skill sets. For example technical, customer focus and even people who can organize.

It could never happen, but the only true way is to get back some of those experienced players to provide training / coaching / mentoring to the new grads.

Also, most of the older management still left are hanging on for retirement. That does not provide good motivation for the new Geos. It also means they are probably not putting 100% effort in to drive the company forward. After all, once they've collected their pensions, will they care how the company works out? Probably not

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No need responding to insulting posts, they don't last long, site admins nuke them.

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We'll done reporting about projects.

Shame the previous responder cannot take responsibility that they are part of the problem. For clarity, uneducated, unskilled and unable to properly communicate.

The downturn does not affect how long a project takes to process. The teams skills and experience does.

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