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Is Teradata next for SAP

There was recent news the other week that a subscription based software company that specializes in collecting and analyzing data was just bought by SAP for $8billion called Qualtrics. They are based out of UT same place TD CEO (Lund) is out of. There is a Lund that work for Qualtrics wonder if it any relation to the Lund family in UT.

Remember when TD bought Think Big, well there was a Lund (directory related to VL who is part of the board of directors) who was one of the original investors into think big.

Wonder if the Qualtrics is the start of SAP acquiring TD in the near future.

There is some deep information about the people running this business and it not all good

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anyone heard anything more about this?

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SAP does make sense.

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Why SAP need to by a old technology like TD.

TD and SAP don’t match also if Lund family could get advantage of this.

TD need to complete Services spin off ... very soon

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