Thread regarding Scientific Games Corp. layoffs

Well blokes, time to tighten up your bum! The axe man cometh!

Scientific Games shares have fallen 68.9% in 2018, while the S&P 500 SPX, -0.66% has fallen 1.2%.

8.5 billion dollars (US) in debt (still), and nearing all time lows for stock price per share. All indices are losing ground, sales are dramatically off, REAL debt reduction is a joke to these blokes, yet they still hang onto their bloated stale management. To call them drunken sailors is an insult to Her Majesty's Navy!

Those of you left had better ready your life vests, this ghost ship is heading for the rocks.

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LOL Trotter? He's one of SG's best. Whoever wants him canned is one salty jealous dog.

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"That just shows that they are saving money for Christmas presents"

The funniest joke of year!

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The shorties are rubbing their hands together, anticipating on very nice payoff. At over 18% float for the shorts, one has to wonder what they know and the Board isn't saying?

Time for more slicing. It's going to get beastly ugly at SciGames Vegas very soon. Reno, Chicago, India, you're next.

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That just shows that they are saving money for Christmas presents. They’ll start buying after they recover from Holiday spending.

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For those Mates with enough brains to interpret this insider derivative stock data- the ghost ship nears the rocks. Cast your peepers on the last 3 months. Time for a pint Mate!

Transaction Summary

Total insider purchases and sales reported to the SEC

Timeframe Transactions Shares

Last 3 months

2 Purchases

0 Sales



Last 6 months

28 Purchases

6 Sales



Last 12 months

79 Purchases

54 Sales



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Didn't hear anything as of today?

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There were layoffs on 12/7 and 12/8?

Where? Las Vegas? Chicago? Australia?

I hadn’t heard. How many? What departments?

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"I think I’ll be let go on 12/10. This company has no solid plans for the future. I can’t wait to walk away on my own terms."

Good plan Mate. if you dodge the axe on December tenth, do yourself a favor, resist posting any inquires to other bleeding gaming outfits. Don't get too cheesed off or be a mug, just move your arse to another industry.

It's simple to conclude that all of them are about to be smashed as share price declines.

Crikey Mate! Both SGMS and IGT are sporting a level of debt that is just beastly. One avenue of relief is If they peel off some assets and pay down their debt. They must do this quickly, or the short term notes (coming due in early 2019) may very well prove to be catastrophic.

Both companies are extremely over-extended; thus, they are both dodgy on share price, regardless of speculative commentary from the smoke blowers.

Glancing at Wall Street- those hacks with their 'oversold' ratings happen to be suffering massive bleeding of their own portfolios, and it's in their own best interest to talk up these gaming stocks to try and recapture their losses. Read: BEWARE.

For example: if you chart SGMS price for the past 10 years, their running average is about $5.50 to $10 a share. The current down trend (since their high of $62.05) suggests that particular rise was based on speculation, not sound business practices. In fact, SGMS normally rides in the $5-$10 range. It's an anomaly to expect it to do otherwise.

That means share price has the potential to drift downward, but not too far- to reach its normal level. Read: short sellers euphoria

Lastly, that noise of gleeful hilarity at the local pub of the 'shorties' out on a bender will be hard to ignore in the SGMS board rooms.

And make no mistake: IGT is no better off. They too are buggered.

This bloke has a hunch there are plenty of investors ready and waiting at the castle doors with pitchforks and torches wanting to flog the bloody CEO of each company and toss them away at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

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Layoffs occurred 12/6 , 12/7. I think I’ll be let go on 12/10. This company has no solid plans for the future. I can’t wait to walk away on my own terms.

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I’d like to see him caned AND canned. Either order would be fine.

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Very funny,

yeah I know it is "canned" not " caned" just a typo. (I am m admittedly a c-appy typer ) but unlike this error having something to do with my attention to detail the fact that you had the need to post that sh--ty response definitely says something about you

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I think you mean canned, not caned. Wonder if your attention to detail has something to do with it.

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We can ony hope that that a--hole Trotter gets sh-- caned in the process.

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Barry Cottle CEO

SEC Form 4

Shares Held Oct 24 Value AVG Cost Current Price Current Value

76,287 $2,535,779.88 $33.24 $19.19 $1,463,947.53



Is this concrete enough for you? If you think that's bad, look into the Director's SEC form 4. He lost even more.

So there you have it Mate. Unless you're blind, deaf AND dumb, the real reason for layoff's becomes quite clear.

This is public information, you simply need to get off your fat arse and look it up for yourself.

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Do you have anything concrete, or is this just hyperbole? Timeframes? Divisions? Blokes?

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Getting laid off from this company was the best thing that’s happened to me in a while. I still laugh at the whole situation every 2 weeks when another severance check gets deposited.

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