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This is why eBay is sinking

As a seller of 20 years on Ebay I decided recently to close up all my selling pages and walk away from it, ebay has gone down the krapper in many ways, it's been cluttered up with scores of cheap JUNK that games the search too. Where I had $800 a week sales a few years ago that dropped down to MAYVE one $100 sale in a month or two months.

Then there's the issue I learned that ebay SELLS your photos and content to outfits like Worthpoint- read the user agreement and see where that by uploading your images and content you are giving them free, perpetual, royalty free irrevokable license to resell/license that content to 3rd parties (like Worthpoint) so THEY make money off it and you get nothing!

Now they want all sellers to put their zipcode in all listings, I dont know about others but living in a town of 1,200 I dont WANT my town name/home location spewed all over Ebay pages where any stranger could show up on my front door steps at 8 AM on a Sunday morning without notice becausew they happened to be passing nearby and thought they'd stop in to see my "show room" or something! I dont even put that info on my own web site or facebook why would I allow it on Ebay!

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I haven't seen the zip codes in the listings yet. Glad to alerted us.

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