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First let’s just say that I believe that COMMVAULT has the best product that there is in their space. What the also have it seems is an uncanny ability to keep the massive layoffs, attrition and restructuring under wraps. This started when the vulture Capitalists came in earlier this year and in an effort to increase profits have continued to chop away at what’s left of the company. Employees are valueless and most recently our technical teams were hit extremely hard. Before that it was the inside team.. They are going for a partner only driven model which most likely means the end of sales as we know it. Stay away very toxic time to be at Commvault...

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Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.. describes Commvault. Middle Management is clueless

Upper Management is out of touch in this competitive market. Elliot still need to get rid-off 30% useless staff with no productivity. Business Model needs drastic changes.

I doubt this will ever happen. Eventually this will be out of business or Elliot will force sale to some other potential buyers.

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