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Christmas 2018

Things are so bad that the main campus in Oldsmar had their annual Christmas celebration and by the time the night time Scarborough and Audio part time people got there all the food and water was gone. It was pathetic. So about 130 people had dirty tables to sit at and nothing to eat or drink. Management brought in Papa Johns pizza, generic chips and salsa and mini chocolate bars. Folks were expecting a fun festive time but while the full timers got to eat and be merry we as usual are treated like second class citizens. We did get to watch movies in the auditorium with popcorn and warm bottled water so I guess we should be thankful for our jobs that may not be around after the first of the year. Hopefully the new CEO and CFO may take this to task. Quality people in the Watch side of the business that are in there trying to keep this business relevant. I have never been so ashamed to work for a major global company that destroyed a 94 year history of great American Company.

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Amazing really - and Mitch and Jamere have walked away with millions - The company as we know it has failed and now we will unravel

Thanks Giving - what a laugh - I am also ashamed of the behavior of so-called management who are cutting jobs as a first option - The product I work with has no technical staff left

Why is travel still allowed?

Why are flights still happening?

Why is basic cost control not happening?

Why did the UK move to a new multi-million dollar building?

Why are basic measure not being taken?

Take the top 5000 people in the business and look at their costs - its very simple - if they are not winning business or in sales - or visiting a customer what are they doing - If in technology or operations they should not be building up air miles and eating in 5 star hotels - while other staff are losing their jobs - This is simple advice management grow up and implement this for god's sake.

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