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When will someone grow a pair?

When will someone have the courage to call out the hypocrisy and redundancy and upper-level management with the new organizational changes at GE Power? Isn’t Chuck Nugent’s role irrelevant now and not needed ? Why do we need two heads for one engineering team with Services and GPS combined ? Lammas or Hartman should move on! Now let’s talk about the real fat on the Christmas goose, the elusive HQ group! Some estimates have this GPS headquarters group left by Mr. Stokes at 400 to 600 people. What exactly do the do? Mr. Stokes joked on his way out that in his new role he only needed 10 headquarters people then why the hell did he need 400 to 600 in his old roll ? Are most of these folks the GE digital wanabees? I’m sorry, there are some good people in that group, but most of them know nothing about the product and are not needed . I hear Uptake is a great place for useless GE digital people to land to start another phony career ! PT Barnum and Ganesh Bell run a great con artist show....step right up! In the infamous words of Ganesh Bell, “I’m starting to believe my own b---s--- !”

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Look around you. People who spoke up are no longer working there. Trust me - I was one of them.

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This is spot on, too bad none of the folks at the SEB level and above are speaking up!

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