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double speak on tech skills of people -

double speak on tech skills of people - While hiring we want highly skilled people in latest technologies.

to managers - we should make every thing process driven skills should not matter, development should go like factory assembly line, why you keep asking for skilled people....

the CEO who say 90% engineers unfit for employment, should first look at himself how he became CEO thro back door. the current CEO was big flop while in the original tech mahindra (before statyam takeover), he could not get a single significant account or order as head of rest of the world telecom business line in MBT... his lewd language and jugaadi mentality was well known.

it is better if he knows that for 40 years mahindra automobiles(&other marawadi gujarati groups) have grabbed automob market share by influencing government agencies and preventing competitors products from being cleared in testing agencies thro bribery and nexus.

90% of IT services companies top management is unfit or those roles that is the reason the rates falling so low, and emergence of exploitative employment practices(the only tactic known to typical indian marwadi gujarati business groups - cartel, price fixing, exploitative employment and bribery)

Dont delete this post, as the CEO has insulted Indian educational institutions.

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Time to spread the word and boycott the company and and the M&M groups campus hiring drives in all places including IIT and IIMS ,NITs.

the automobiles they produce are of poor quality components that wear off fast,

In the name of employment they are blackmailing the government.

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He didn't insulted the education system, he insulted the youth of our country. He earned crores using the same unfit students. What a selfish fellow? Can he say the same words in some communist countries. Even in USA such words would have created protests. Because youth in such countries have liberal values and leftist leanings.

But majority of the youth in our country have right wing views and meek mindsets that they are extremely happy with the peanut salaries and companies exploitative practices as long as they are not layed off. Ofcourse it gives rise to such greedy capitalists who will use people and leave them in the road to die.

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