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Callous & disingenuous is the “new Teradata”

Funny how we all received holiday emails from Vic, Oliver, and Eric on how great we all did in 2018 & keep up the good work for 2019...little did we know that disengenuine RB LT team knew exactly what they were going to do to all 800+ of us back in early November. It just doesn’t get any dirtier than that.

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about a “re-org” of this magnitude and TD sure missed the mark. When you treat ppl in such a way it sends more than just a msg to the audience it paints a picture of the type of ppl running the business. Which clearly now looks shakier then ever.

With all that blood on their hands I sure hope they can sleep well at night.

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Company will be sold. Who will buy ?

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Through all of the changes in the market, what made you want to work for Teradata was the culture, people and customer focus. With this latest move on RIFs, it is clear that is no longer the case. The new regime, by their own actions, want to manage by sfdc, don't understand nor want to understand what the company does, and has created an us (new management) vs. them (long term employees) culture, despite what VL says - blatantly obvious. New sales execs that have zero relationships with customers after two years on the job - very telling. Wonder what stage of the Sentient Enterprise OR thinks the company is in? Book signings and self promotion are more important to some than actually building relationships with customers. No new logos, a struggling consulting business, and milking long term customers while destroying long-term customer relationships doesn't seem like a winning strategy to me.

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the boss is crying swimming in a $$$ pool

And skying in 🇨🇦

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This is the new age of big corporation organization and cost management. IBM started this trend approximately 10 years ago. The formula comes straight from finance:

1: Massive layoffs of your most costly and non-revenue generating resources.

2: Back fill by recruiting new hires at 25%-50% less cost.

3: Repeat the cycle every 9-12 months .

This has been a repeated formula at countless international companies. The CFO's promoting these programs are a close-knit, unimaginative group of cretins who have little understanding of the long term damage this has on companies' customers, products and services, which depend upon skilled resources to get the job done. This doesn't matter to them as they've already collected their big fat bonuses and moved on to their next opportunity.

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