Thread regarding Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC (DCEH) layoffs

Seattle moved out of one of two buildings this week

Haven’t seen reported but Seattle campus landlord kicked them out of one of two buildings this week. They didn’t tell students or faculty until day before quarter started and they signed up new students. Building they lost had culinary, fashion and library. They now have no library, kitchens for culinary program or sewing labs. They are supposedly renting kitchen space used by food trucks and caterers to teach classes out of but it’s not even in Seattle and they have delayed cooking by at least a week. It’s all very sketchy and dishonest to students.

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Ha! Ha!

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This is horrible. This school was once a great school. I hope the students leave and ask for tuition refunds. How can someone in Admissions still sign people up. What kind of BS is DCEH telling them that they actually believe there will be a turn around?

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