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KP layoffs in Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

I know KP rarely lays people off but I am researching if you ever had cuts in Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. Frankly, I cannot locate any online sources confirming or denying this and I was hoping if someone can chime in with locations and dates of past layoffs in Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. If you can provide more info I'd appreciate that too. Disclosure: I am not an Employee of Kaiser Permanente.

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Kaiser Georgia is reducing the number of front staff and admin workers. Three positions have been combined into one and more kiosks have been placed In facilities. Nurses have been laid off .. trying to get information from management is like pulling teeth. Very stressful time .

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KAISER Permanente Georgia is in the process of laying off large numbers of nurses. I am an RN and was notified 1/16/19 that all 45 RNs in my work group will be layed off. There will be many others. Leadership wouldn't tell us the total. It's due to reduced membership for 2019.

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If it's program office related position, such as IT, layoffs will generally start in California as that is a bigger bang for the buck. Used to be four tiers of pay for Program Office (National employees) , however that may have changed with the last KP HR Director David Jones.

1) Bay Area pays the highest paid for cost of living

2) Los Angeles Metro

3) Areas in California outside of LA and the Bay Area

4) Everyone else across the country

Layoffs do occur in other regions, however Program Offices, at least for IT, has locked any hires in California with req's only allowed in Georgia and Colorado per their staffing strategy.

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