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One year ago 2/12/18. “Black Monday

BN lies in reports saying approx 1800 were “laid off”. If there’s 4-5 positions in each store deleted times the number of BN stores, then their reporting to Fortune, etc.are not true. Firing good, hard,productive , knowledgeable, long time workers and replacing themwith part timers bought them another year . Read comments when & where you can ( many are deleted) Of customers complaints of bad service. Read what current booksellers are saying in these threads: boxes unopened in back room, magazines with old issues on stands while new ones sit in boxes.

The once great retail leader bought themselves another year but are only a shell of their once great selves. Rumors ( coming from credible sources) say more firings are coming. Sales are down because of poor service and not treating customers the way they used to. Not because of Amazon. I know lots of good people they screwed over. Their family and friends no longer patronize the stores. They’ve treated their greatest assets ( good employees and Customers) like they no longer matter. BN no longer matters. You no longer matter to the thousands you fired, their families and friends.I hope the remaining employees are smart enough to find other good places to work, rather than wait for the humiliation to walk in one day, be called to the office and be escorted out the door.


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“I called a friend in corporate.....LIES!”


Probably a Mgr. That wants to keep what little inexperienced staff they have before the axe falls.

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I called a friend in corporate.....LIES!

And i'm sure corporate would spill everything to some former

book seller...

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I’ve read a lot of negativity ,in these posts, on these threads.booksellers have to face the harsh reality that things are not going well and will not end well . I called a friend in Corporate & ran some of the posts on here, by them. She says it’s pretty accurate.Upcoming layoffs, no severance.

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It's not 1987, anymore, with thriving shopping malls & Barnes

& Noble anchoring each one.

The game has long since changed.

You can't expect this company to survive, and still be what it was decades


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We're fortunate to have a strong DM and management lineup, in the Boston area.

Very few were let go, even some HC positions remained (and still do).

It's one year later, the holiday season was solid & our team is stronger than ever.

Let's look for ways to help the company thrive & not resort to negativity.

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EVERY bookseller KNOWS the end is near ! All should be getting other jobs. If you choose to ride the BN train wreck to the end, you have no right to complain. Because of the disgusting way they treated dedicated employees last February, I won’t shop there and encourage others not to as well. I look forward to BNs demise & will celebrate it !

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This wouldn't have happened if we had a union. Never trust a corporation, especially when it's run by such evil b--ches like our DM. She's canned more good people than I can count.

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