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Good for the talent that was asked to leave.

Once again the brainy people are asked to leave to save money.

With the last two layoffs, eBay is actually forcing itself into the band of third-rated tier 3 companies that cant afford to pay the highly talented.

The company neither deserves nor can afford to keep the brainy anymore.

Good for the talent that was asked to leave because they deserve better than a third-rated tier 3 company.

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They lay off just under this number. About 440. If you are still there, you are training your replacement so he can have your desk this summer. This ship is sinking fast

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According to this article, 135 employees were laid off at eBay locally last Wednesday. But the reporter missed a lot of layoffs in other places in the US and around the world.

The WARN act requires a minimum or 500 people being laid off before it is triggered. And it was. i have the documents saying so.

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Attention all potential new highers/job sneakers to ebay, do not join/apply unless you like to be let go after only +/- 1 year. What a waist if you are looking for a great place to work and a steady paycheck! There is only constant unecessay reorganizations and lay-offs every 6-12 months with zero focus on changing unplanned goals from a delusional out of touch leadership that does not get it. Director and manger level leadership dance around the main leadership and no real innovative work ever gets done.

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